Electrographic Flow (EGF)™ mapping with Ablamap® is a novel technique to create full temporospatial visualizations of organized action potential flow within the chaotic conduction of atrial fibrillation. Ablacon has built a premier machine intelligence system to quantitatively and qualitatively understand and treat atrial fibrillation.

Electrographic Flow™ mapping and ablation

RF ablation with Electrographic Flow.
Targeted Source Ablation
Successful Ablation
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Ablamap® reveals action potential flow

The signal processing pipeline of Ablamap
Electrographic Flow Estimation
Detecting actionable patterns
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Electrographic Flow™ improves our understanding of Atrial Fibrillation

Phenomena revealed by Electrographic Flow mapping are related to the initiation and maintenance of AF.

One stable source
Multiple switching sources
No stable sources
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Ablamap® is CE Marked and commercially available in the EU.

Ablamap® is not commercially available in the United States and limited to research use.